Heads-up Poker Tournament June 11th

On June 11th we will have our first Heads-up Poker Tournament. Each player will start with T3500 in chips and play heads-up against another player. Each match will be using a modified 8-minute blind-schedule (find the schedule under documents above) that should ensure that matches should last no longer than about 48 minutes. Losing players are eliminated, winning players move on to the next round.

Since this is a playoff type of bracket, we will need a minimum of eight players to have this tournament. More than eight players will result in byes, with the maximum number of byes being four (for twelve people). I am hoping to receive commitments from 8, or over 12 players to minimize the number of byes required.

Entry will be $10. This may be raised to $20 if the players wish it to be. Payouts will be heavily leaning toward the overall winner, with the winner of any match after the round of eight receiving at least $5 per match won, the remainder going to the overall winner. For example, with 10 players at $10 entry, the overall winner would receive $75, second place takes $15 and third and fourth get $5 each.

A minimum of two of our tables will be reserved for the tournament, the third table will be running a cash game that players are able to leave and return to around their heads-up matches. That way everyone who wants a full night of poker can enjoy the evening.

I will be collecting names through comments here, as well as email replies. I will keep the list posted here. For now I will include the members already stating their interest. Please let me know if the date doesn’t work.

Chris G
Pat H
Dan C
Darren VR
Matt P
Khanh L

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    • matt k on June 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm
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    $20-50 and im there

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