Event #8 Results

Seventeen players took part in event #8, including a couple of new players, which is always nice to see. And, as usual, the new players seem to do well (what does that say for us regulars? lol). Congratulations to Lance for his top finish. Also congrats to Darren for his strong finish after a little bit of a dry spell. Dan B again finished high in the standings, while points-leader Dan C has let his competition catch up to him with his unfortunate 17th place finish. I can comment only because I was out 15th, meaning I sucked just a bit less than Dan did on Friday. he he.

Points standings are below. The last regular event of the season, to be held on September 17th, will prove to be crucial to setting the top eight finishers, since there are so many people within striking distance of the top eight. It will also be the last event for those down the list to guarantee their place in the top 18, giving them a chance to still make the championship table in November.

To remind everyone of how final championship table is set: In September, event #9 will be the last regular season event. After this event, the standings are set. Top eight in the standings automatically receive their seat in the championship tournament. Places 9 through 18 play in October in a single table tournament, where only the top two finishers in the tournament will receive the last two seats at the championship table.

And the League Standings:

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