League Event #9 this Friday, September 17th

Friday, September 17, 2010, at 7:20pm. Cards fly at 7:30. Please arrive by 7:20 to allow us to collect payments.

  • $30 buy-in + $5 league pool* = $35
  • T5000 tournament. 18 minute blinds.
  • No Rebuys or Add-ons.
  • Attendance will be capped at 27, so get your responses in to secure your seat.

As of Tuesday morning, we are already at 18 confirmed players. Get your responses in!

If you do not confirm your attendance and arrive after 7:20pm, you will NOT be seated for the tourney.

Members have been sent their confirmation notices. If you did not receive a notice, or wish to be on the email list, contact me at info@okanaganpoker.ca

All players wishing to play a league event become a league member, and therefore pay $5 into the league pool per event. If you do not wish to pay the league pool fee, enjoy the couch until the cash game starts.

We will be starting at 7:30pm sharp. Those that have confirmed attendance and are late will be blinded until they arrive (or 3 blind levels, after which they are removed from play).

Latecomers that were not confirmed will not have chips on the table. Latecomers are welcome to start a cash game as soon as there are enough players.

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