Championship Table Chip Counts and Payout

The points have been finalized for the season, even though the final two players to sit at the Championship Table are still to be decided.

I thought I would take this opportunity to post the starting chipstacks for the Championship table. Each player’s chipstack was calculated as follows: A base buy-in amount of 2400 chips, plus 250 chips per point from the season. The result is as follows:


  Name Chips
1 Dan C 15,000
2 Darren VR 13,300
3 Kris R 13,100
4 Dan B 11,450
5 Chris G 11,400
6 Dallas M 11,050
7 Matt P 10,500
8 Pat H 8,850
9 ?? 8,400
10 ?? 8,250
  Total 111,300

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