Results Part 2

This is the long overdue continuation of the results post from last event.

I’m very pleased with the turnout for the whole season, and the level of play and sportsmanship brought by all players. Last Friday’s event was no different, with 20 players attending the last regular points-paying event of the season. The mood seemed a little more… serious… than usual as I think everyone had the league standings in mind.

Congratulations to Dan C for having a very successful year, maintaining his lead in the standings through most of the year. Darren and Kris R round out the top three with strong years as well. Overall congratulations to the top eight in the standings. You have guaranteed your place at the Championship Tournament in November.

Those who finished in 9th place through 18th place have a little more work to do to make the Championship Table. On October 15th, ¬†the “last chance” tournament will be a single-table ten player tournament. The buy-in will be set at $30 with no $5 pool contribution. Payouts will be standard for a single-table tournament, that is 50/30/20% for the top three players, but only the top two players from this tournament win their seats in at the Championship Tournament.

Because we want this to be a full table, the signup for this tournament will have to be slightly different. Invitation emails and text messages will go out Monday morning as usual. Confirmations MUST be received by no later than Wednesday night at midnight. Players that do not confirm by that time lose their seat, and invitations will go out to the next player(s) down the list until all ten seats are filled. So those who are around the 19th-22nd place, keep an eye on your email and/or cell phone Thursday morning and night.

Separate invitations will go out to all players not involved in the “last chance” tournament for a separate tournament which will run¬†concurrently. $30 buy-in, no $5 pool contribution.

Good luck everyone!

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