Update before Championship

My bad. Sorry everyone for not updating prior to now.

Congratulations to Lance and Grant for finishing first and second in the “Last Chance” Tournament which secured the final two seats at the Championship. Congratulations as well to John for a strong third place finish, placing him first in line for any cancellations at the Championship Tournament.

The Championship will be held on Friday November 19th. As is tradition, we will be having an early dinner that day before the start of the tournament. Pat has suggested that if everyone chipped in a few dollars, he would put on a nice roast, and people can bring an appy or side-dish to go along with it. Tentatively dinner would be at 6:00pm, giving everyone enough time to eat and relax before the tournaments.

For those that are not playing in the Championship Tournament, there will be the opportunity for a tournament to be held at the same time. However, we are looking for a volunteer who will act as tournament director for that tournament. Both Pat and I are fortunate enough to be playing in the Championship, therefore we will not be involved in managing a second tournament that night. If you know you will be attending that evening, and you wish to throw your hat into the ring, email or call me.

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