Season #4 Results

Apologies again for not updating the blog. Time seems to slip away too quickly.

Congratulations to Lance B for his takedown of the League Championship tournament, taking down Patrick H in heads-up action. Kris R finished third and Dan C took fourth place.

The season-ending dinner was a complete success. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the incredible dinner and good conversation. As much as Darren would like to have it every month, I thought including at least a summertime barbecue would be a nice addition to the season for next year.

Season #5 will begin after taking the month of December off from official league action, but keep your eyes on your emails and the website for notices of non-league events. A tournament has been tentatively scheduled for December 10th. The schedule for season #5 will be posted shortly, but to the most part it will be remaining the third Friday of each month, with the first event scheduled for January 21st.

At this time, there will be no significant changes to the format introduced for season #5. Buy-ins and payouts will remain the same as last year. League pool contributions will stay at $5. We are, however, looking into potentially including a rebuy tournament and/or a higher buy-in tournament as part of the league schedule.

With the proliferation in the last couple of years of cell phones and text messaging, I am relying more and more on text messages for announcements and tournament attendance confirmation. If you wish to be added to my ever-growing text message list, shoot me an email or call me with your cell number and I will add you to the list.

Thanks to everyone for another extremely successful season. Please, everyone have a wonderful, and safe, Christmas season.

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