Season 5 Begins Next Week!

A very successful Season 4 has me greatly anticipating an equally successful Season 5! Interest is building even more than I had expected, new members are coming on board weekly.

As previously posted, buy-ins and payouts remain the same as last year, $30+$5 league pool. The points curve has been modified slightly to give slightly more points to the top 30% of the field, thus giving consistent mid-pack finishers more points overall. The T5000 blind schedule remains pretty much the same, with the addition of antes starting after the 200/400 level.

We will be implementing some new buy-in procedures to make things more efficient pre-tournament. It breaks down as follows:

  • 7:10pm – cut off for registration. If you did not previously confirm by email, text, or phone, and arrive after 7:10pm, you will not play the tournament. Period.
  • 7:10pm – 7:25pm – time slot to pay buy-in and receive chips, and get seated. Players must be in their seats by 7:25pm.
  • 7:25pm – 7:27pm – confirmed late players’ chips are placed on the table.
  • 7:27pm – 7:30pm – rest and meditation before the tournament starts. lol.

Late players must pay before being allowed to play any hands. Bring exact buy-in ($35) or don’t expect to receive your change until such time as it is convenient for Pat or myself to make change. So if late player comes in, hands me $40 and sits down, 8 minutes later when I am not in a hand, I can give him his $5.

I am fully expecting well over 20 players in the first tournament. We may end up hitting the cap of 27, so once the registration emails and texts go out, get your responses in early.

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