Event #9 Results

Congratulations to Kris P for taking the ninth and final event of the regular season, winning heads-up over Heather C in her strongest finish of the year. Greg B, David B, and Ray L round out the other top finishers.

The final standings have been set for the season. Congratulations to the top eight players in the points as you have earned your seat at the championship table being held in November.

The Championship Table

# Player Points TOC Chips
1 Greg B 77.4 12,750
2 David B 65.1 11,500
3 Chris G 61.4 11,150
4 Grant S 56.2 10,600
5 Chris D 53.2 10,300
6 James H 49.1 9,900
7 Patrick H 46.2 9,600
8 Paul S 45.6 9,550
9 Khanh L 41.4 9,150
10 Jason V 40.2 9,000

For the complete list, view the standings here.

The ninth and tenth seats will be determined in the “Second Chance Tournament”, a single table tournament next month. Players from 9th to 18th place only will be eligible to play. I will be sending out the invitation email/text message early to the players.¬†Players will be asked to confirm their attendance two weeks in advance, thus allowing alternates to play if there are schedule conflicts that cannot be changed. Alternates will be chosen going down the list in order of points. Note, if there is only one cancellation, the Second Chance Tournament will be played starting with eleven players, since there is a tie at 19th place.

For the players not involved in the Second Chance Tournament next month have not been forgotten. We will either run a separate tournament concurrently with the Second Chance Tournament, or we will set up a cash game table or two, depending upon the response I get at that time. That invitation email/text will go out the week of the tournament as usual.

Thanks everyone for a very successful regular season of play! And good luck to all involved in the Second Chance Tournament and the Championship Tournament in November!

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