Event #8 Results

Well that was interesting…

19 people arrived to Pat’s to play Event #8… with no power. The power had gone out less than an hour before scheduled start time, so with a quick move with the help of all the players, we had our first outdoor tournament.

Finally, well after dark, the power came back on which allowed the majority of the final table to be played inside as usual. But not before the game became much more intimate as the candles and work lights were brought out.

 Congratulations to Adrian for his second win of the season! Ted, John and Greg rounded out the top finishers.

Notably, many of the top players in the points standings went out early, or could not attend. This tightened up the top 8 people significantly. It is going to be an interesting final game next month!

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    • Adrian on August 24, 2012 at 6:06 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you Chris. If i finish top 5 i guess i could be consider one of the elite? Lol…

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