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Event #7 Results

21 players took part in the seventh league event of the year. Congratulations to… ummm…. me… for taking event #7, after a great (and lucky) heads-up session with James H. Nothing like getting pocket aces at the right time to take control of a match. John K had a great tournament and made his trip …

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Event #6 Results – Kelowna Poker at its Best

Poker in Kelowna was at its finest on Friday. Some late cancellations led to only 16 players this month, but the competition was fierce. Congratulations to Grant for his first win of the 2011 season. And a big congrats to James H for his strong run to second place, also to Kenny for his third …

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Event #5 Results

A great turnout and a great night of poker led to suckouts galore (at least on my part) at event #5 last Friday. Twenty-five people started the event, and it was Khanh coming out on top as winner over none other than yours truly after a long and interesting heads-up session. Congratulations to Heather for …

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Event #4 Results

Seventeen players were present at our fourth event of the season. Congratulations to Dave B on his win and to relative newcomer Paul S on his second strong finish in a row. Greg B and Dan C rounded off the top four finishers. Event points and standings after three events: Instead of graphically showing results …

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Event #3 Results

Sorry everyone for the very late update to the league results. Two weekends away and being sick in between took all my time. 20 players were in attendance for our second event of the season. After being knocked out 19th, I can’t really comment on how the rest of the tourney went, except to say …

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Event #2 Results

19 players were in attendance for our second event of the season. Congratulations to Chris D for another strong performance. Attendance was down due to some no-shows. Come-on people, no-shows do not get an invite to the next event. Event points and standings after two events:

Event #1 Results

Twenty five players, our attendance record so far, made it out to our first event of the season. A good mixture of returning players and new players. I hope that everyone had fun. Congratulations to Chris D on his win. Now for the points:

Update before Championship

My bad. Sorry everyone for not updating prior to now. Congratulations to Lance and Grant for finishing first and second in the “Last Chance” Tournament which secured the final two seats at the Championship. Congratulations as well to John for a strong third place finish, placing him first in line for any cancellations at the …

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Event #9 Results

Results, since everyone is waiting for them. I’ll post in more detail later. League Results

Event #8 Results

Seventeen players took part in event #8, including a couple of new players, which is always nice to see. And, as usual, the new players seem to do well (what does that say for us regulars? lol). Congratulations to Lance for his top finish. Also congrats to Darren for his strong finish after a little …

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