Non-league event this Friday

Pat is hosting a No Limit Holdem Tournament this Friday, May 28th. Here are the details:

  • NOT a league event.
  • $25 buy-in plus a $5 bounty, NO rebuys
  • T5,000 standard tourney.
  • 7:30pm start time.
  • cash game to follow as usual.

Leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to play, or if you need further information including address.

See you there!

Heads-up Poker Tournament Interest

I am wanting to put together a heads-up poker tournament. This would be a single knockout bracket style tournament starting with 3500 chips and a relatively aggressive blind structure to allow for an 8-player tournament to last one evening. We would run a cash game at the same time so there is always poker to play for everyone.

If you are interested in playing, leave a comment here. When we get to 8 players interested, I will attempt to schedule a Friday. If more than 8 players are interested, we will incorporate byes.
Let’s play some Heads Up!

Event #5 Results

Seventeen players came out to play in Event #5. Congratulations to Dan and Dallas for making the final two, before chopping the money and playing a hand of “donkey” to decide the points winner for the night. ¬†Of course the donkey champion Dan gets the extra points (thanks Dallas, you could have tried harder in the donkey hand) to take a commanding lead in this season’s standings.

The next league event will be June 18th.

We’re back… Sortof…

Well… I got hacked. And I lost all posts and formatting for the last three years.

I’m back from Vegas… but I have to unbury my desk before I can spend much time here.

Congratulations to Jason B for taking down his first tournament with us. Beginner’s luck prevails again! (kidding)

Here are the lastest points standings.