Revision of our confirmation system for League Events

Our growing numbers have forced us to revise our current system of reserving seats for league games. We are trying to make it fair for everyone while giving regular players a little extra chance to ensure they don’t get locked out. The revisions:

  • We are suspending adding new players to the league contact list. All players that are currently on the list will stay, whether they have played or not.
  • Seats are reserved on a modified first-come, first-serve basis, based on your replies either via email or text message in the following manner:
    • Players who have already accrued points in the current season will be given a seat number when they reserve (up to seat #30).
    • Players who have not accrued points in the current season will receive a letter only. These players will be given a seat Thursday, in the order they were received (up to seat #30). This allows ample time for members who have already played this season to reserve a seat.
  • You can go to our standings page here to see your confirmed seat number or letter.
  • Cancellation of a confirmed spot after noon on Thursday, or failure to show up after a confirmation may result in:
    • mandatory payment of the $7 league pool contribution, OR
    • mandatory payment of the full buy-in ($33+7 total) ONLY IF all seats were reserved as of noon the day of the event (thus leaving some players not able to play). The $33 will be added to the prize pool of the following league event, or to the Championship table if the infraction happens on the last regular event of the season. This payment would be required before being allowed to play any further tournaments. A second late cancellation or no-show would require automatic prepayment of buy-ins via cash or credit card ($1 surcharge would apply) before having a seat reserved for you. This will be required for all future tournaments at the discretion of the tournament directors. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from future tournament invitations at our discretion.
  • Invitations will go out by email and SMS at the same time, around noon on Mondays.

Any questions, let me know.

Good luck!


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    • Mike on June 16, 2014 at 5:42 pm
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    Lets add more tables beef the pot up Bro

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